What We Do


We specialize in the design, development and construction of buildings that do more than provide shelter. We create a comfortable, functional and safe environment for people to live, work and learn.


Crossland has an expert team of Engineers equipped with the necessary skills for the designing and geotechnical survey of durable roads and highways.


Our expertise in combining skills, resources and technology to the highest possible levels of quality to offer designs and construction of bridges with competitive advantages is unequalled.

Water Projects

We help provide our clients with an excellent solution to satisfying one of man's basic needs of access to water for both domestic and industrial usage.

Erosion Control and Environmental Protection Works

At Crossland, we protect vulnerable soils and reduce erosion through ground stabilization. With our water diversion systems, we intercept runoff and direct it to appropriate channels to achieve an eco-friendly environment.

Water retaining structures

Our seasoned team of engineers is up-to-date with the state of the art equipment, technology and modern designs in the construction of safe water retaining structures to meet the needs of our clients.

Dams and irrigations

We possess a unique track record of helping to make your project of constructing dams for water supply, irrigation and hydro-power for energy generation come true.

Geotechnical Surveys for all projects

We undertake geotechnical surveys for the assessment, monitoring and in-depth analysis of various projects with necessary recommendations to inform their design and structural execution.