Managing Director/CEO

Engr. Ambrose Kenechukwu Okafor, Inyiama

Engr. Ambrose Kenechukwu Okafor, Inyiama

Address: 111 Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu
Date of Birth: October 3, 1960
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Married
Tel: +234 (0)8033351403

Highest Academic Qualification & Professional Affiliation
Masters in Engineering
Civil Engineering (Geotechnics and Foundations)
Enugu State University of Science and Technoloy, Enugu. (September 1997).

Member Nigerian Society of Engineers
(MNSE No. 08195, March 1997)

Registered as Civil Engineer by Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN R.7405, June 1998)
Member Nigerian Water Supply Association (Jan 1999).

Employment Record

S/N Name of Company Years/Date
MD/CEO Crossland Nigeria Limited.
Oct. 2005-Till date
Senior Resident Civil/Geotechnical Engineer, DHV Consultants Nig. Ltd., Enugu.
Oct. 2004 – Oct. 2005
QA/QC Engineer, Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) Port Harcourt.
Aug. 2003 – Sept 2004
Senior Civil/Geotechnical Engineer DHV Consultants Nig. Ltd., Enugu.
May 2002-Aug. 2003
Senior Civil/Geotechnical Engineer (Federal Ministry of Water Resources Project) Obiukwu Okeke & Associates, Enugu.
March 2002-April 2002
Project Structural Engineer P.An Brasfibre Ltd., Enugu.
May 2001-March 2002
Senior Geotechnical Engineer DHV Consultants Nig. Ltd., Enugu.
May 2000-April 2001
State Resident Engineer (World Bank-assisted National Water Rehabilitation Project), DHV Consultants Nig. Ltd.
1997 – 2000
Pipeline Distribution/Design Engineer (ADB-assisted Rural Water Supply Project), Ebilah Salmon & Partners, Enugu. (Special Assignment).
1994 – 1994
Assistant Resident Engineer (ADB-assisted Rural Water Supply Project) DHV Consultants, Nig. Ltd., Enugu.
1993 – 1997
Pipeline Distribution/Design Engineer (ADB-assisted Rural Water Supply Project) DHV Consultants BV in association with Ebilah Salmon & Partners, Enugu.
1992 – 1993
Project Engineer (ADB-assisted Rural Water Supply Project) – Nanze International Ltd., Enugu.
1991 – 1992
Assistant Projects Co-ordinator, Sauveour Holdings Ltd., Enugu.
1988 – 1991
Site Engineer, CIMECO Nig. Ltd., Enugu.
1986 – 1988
Site Engineer, Hapel Nig. Ltd., Enugu.
1984 – 1986


Oct. 2004 – Oct. 2005: Senior Resident Civil/Geotechnical Structural Engineer.
Company: DHV Consultants Nig. Ltd.
13/15 Ezillo Street, Independence Layout, Enugu.
Client: Trojan Estates Ltd.
58 Molade Okoya Thomas Street, V.I., Lagos.
Project: Development of Infrastructure for Royal Gardens Estate at Ajah, Lekki Peninsula, Lagos.

- Design and Supervision of the Construction of Ancillary Structures – gatehouse, fire station, estate office.
- Water treatment building
- Power station
- Surface run off detention basin
- Pumping station for flood disposal
- Fence works
- Service chambers for water and telephone facilities etc.

Aug. 2003 – Sept. 2004: QA/QC ENGINEER
Company: Shell Petroleum Development
Company (SPDC) Port Harcourt.
Responsibilities Include:

- Participation in pre-mobilization inspection of contractor.
- Ensuring that procedures and regulations are followed and obeyed.
- Monitoring quality of on-going works through the use of relevant in-situ and laboratory quality control tests.
- Ensuring that completed work complies with pre-determined standard and quality in project document.
- Reporting progress, problems and deviations through the submission of daily report.
- Monitoring HSES on site by carrying out periodic 'STOP – AT – TEN' inspections and daily hazard management audits.
- Managing HSES on all project sites using HSES management techniques to achieve zero LTI, fatality and RTA/MTA.

May 2002 – Aug. 2003: Senior Civil/Geotechnical Engineer.
Company: DHV Consultants Nig. Ltd., 13/15 Ezillo Street, Independence layout, Enugu.
Client: West Africa Milk Company (WAMCO) Plc., Ikeja, Lagos.
Project: Structural calculations for the design of factory extension facilities.
Facilities designed Include:

- Warehouse space to be used for factory and storage
- Dockleveller facilities.
- Loading and off-loading bay.
- Reinforced concrete hardstands.
- Reinforced concrete access pavement.
- Light warehouse structure.
- Resident supervision of the above facilities.

March 2002 – April 2002: Senior Civil/Geotechnical Engineer
Company: Obiukwu Okeke & Associates.
19 Ogui Road (Canute House), Enugu.
Project: Design of Surface Water Intake Facilities for Ishiagu Community in Ohaozara L.G.A of Ebonyi State

Facilities designed include: intake weir, intake sump, water treatment house, sedimentation tank, filtration basin, clear water tank, office complex, plant manager and other support staff quarters, transmission pipeline in ductile iron, ground level and elevated reinforced concrete reservoirs, reticulation network in ductile iron and UPVC pipes, landscaping etc. Preparation of tender documents.

May 2001 – March 2002: Project Manager
Company: P.An Brasfibre Nig. Ltd.
23 Ichida Street, Trans Ekulu, Enugu.
Project: Supervision of the construction of Glass-fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) factory for the manufacturing of glass fibre products such as storage tanks, auto body parts, electric poles, water pipes etc.

May 2000 – April 2001: Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Company: DHV Consultants BV,
13/15 Ezillo Avenue, Independence Layout, Enugu.
Client: Nigerian Breweries Plc., Ibadan.
Project: Structural Calculations for the design and detailing of various structures such as grain silo shed, intake pit extensions, warehouses, retaining structures.
Preparation of Tender documents for the above facilities.

1997 – April 2000: Team Leader/State Resident Engineer, Anambra State Project
Company: DHV Consultants BV, 13/15 Ezillo Avenue Independence Layout, Enugu.
Project: World Bank Assisted National Water Rehabilitation Project.
The Resident Engineer is the technical and administrative head of the project. My responsibility included:
- Liaising with the Chief Resident Engineer in the Head Office and the Contractor's project manager at the project location.
- Preparation of supervision formats and enforcement of the same.
- Monitoring the Contractor’s daily activities through the site supervisors.
- Monitoring project finances to ensure compliance to cash flow projections.
- Vetting and confirming the contractor's monthly Interim Payment Certificates.
- Preparation of monthly progress reports.
- Attending project meetings etc.

Scope of Contract
- Rehabilitation of surface water schemes at Ihiala, and Aguata.
- Drilling and commissioning of new boreholes at Obosi.
- Construction of new gen. set. Houses and rehabilitation of existing ones.
- Clearing, excavation and laying of over 32km D.I. Truck mains at various locations.
- Mechanical and Electrical Installations etc.

1994 – 1994 Pipeline Distribution/Design Engineer (Team Leader), Ebilah Salmon & Partners (Special Assignment).
Project: Baseline Survey of all Water Supply Facilities in the old Imo State (comprising parts of present Abia, Ebonyi and Imo States).

- Scheme – by – scheme inventory.
- Appraisal of operational status of each scheme.
- Assessment of the manpower status of each scheme.
- Production capacity (inception & present).
- Consumables (chemicals, stationeries etc).
- Requirements for re-activating non-functional schemes.
-Immediate and remote causes of system failure for failed systems.
- Security requirements.
- Ways of improving on existing schemes.
- Alternative sources of water supply for Communities without water supply.
Team leader (Team A) that surveyed the schemes in the old Afikpo Senatorial District.

1993 – 1997 Team Leader/ Resident Engineer
Company: DHV Consultants Nig. Ltd.
Project: Supervision of Part 1 Works- African Development Bank (ADB) Assisted Rural Water Project.
Involved in the supervision of the execution of phase 1 works in CONTRACT 3 – Abakaliki zone of the ADB – Assisted Rural Water supply Project, which include;
- Ensuring adequate overall supervision of construction.
- Issuing site instructions to the contractor as the need arises.
- Liaising between the Chief Resident Engineer and the Contractor.
- Updating designs when need be.
- Attending site meetings.
- Confirming interim payment certificates generated by the Contractor.
- Sending weekly and monthly progress reports to the Chief Resident Engineer and ensuring the implementation of quality control measures.

Facilities constructed include: Zonal office and 6 Nr. Staff quarters; 3 Nr. Booster stations, 69 Nr. 30m³ reinforced concrete service tanks elevated on 1.5 columns and laying of over 180km D.I. trunk mains.

1992 – 1993 Pipeline Distribution/Design Engineer
Company: DHV Consultants Nigeria Ltd. (In association with) Ebilah Salmon & Partners
Project: Design of 77 new schemes in Phase II of African Development Bank (ADB)-Assisted Rural Water Project.

- Member of the design team for the design of 77 new schemes in phase II of ADB assisted Rural Water Project. Facilities designed in part 11 works include:
- Collection of data and design of Water schemes for 77 towns in Anambra and Enugu States (including borehole, surface intake and reticulation network).
- Reinforced concrete elevated water towers for 200m³ capacity; and ground level reservoirs 100m³, 200m³, 400m³ and 600m³ capacities.

Reinforced concrete pump sump for riverbed filtration gallery; site layout for pumping stations; preparation of contract document – Technical specification and Bill of quantities.

1991 – 1992 Project Engineer
Company: Nanze International Ltd.
Project: Construction of the African Development Bank (ADB)-Assisted Anambra and Enugu State Rural Water Supply Project

- Responsible for the construction of the ADB – Assisted Anambra and Enugu State Rural Water Supply Project.
- Drilling of boreholes for forty (40) communities.
- Installaion of submersible and high lift pumps for the various town schemes.
- Construction of ground and elevated water tanks (95m³ and 230m³ capacity).
- Construction of Residential Quarters and Zonal Offices for the Engineers' representatives at Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi. The project was stalled by management interference.

1988 – 1991 Assistant Project Co-ordinator
Company: Sauveour Holdings Ltd.

Responsible for the co-ordination of the following projects:
- Construction Krystal Vegetable Oil Refinery.
- Construction twin Duplex Residential Complex for Mazi C.N. Onuselogu at Abakpa Enugu, Construction of Abakaliki Ring Road.
- Constrction of Amaechi – Amodu – Agbani Road and Rehabilitation of Nkpor – Umuoji – Nnobi Road.

1986 -1988 Site Engineer
Company: CIMECO Nigeria Ltd.
- Responsible for the construction of Ogbodo Abba-Mbu-Ugwuogo Nike Road; Worked as a site surveyor for setting out the new road alignment.
- Controls clearing operations.
- Controls the leveling operations for the earth works and oversees the installation of Armco ring culverts.