About Us

Crossland Nigeria Limited is made up of experienced Engineers. It is a blend of Engineers who have been sufficiently exposed to the various aspects of Civil, Structural, Geotechnical, Water, Highway and other related engineering practices.

Over the years of our existence, we have always made ourselves available to our prospective Clients as a skilled team of Engineers. In the evaluation of our performance, we are usually prepared to purchase proficiency with a cut back in our margin of profit.

From inception till date the CROSSLAND group has always been affiliated with renowned and formidable International and Local groups.

In 1994/95, we were associated with Techint Nigeria Ltd, a subsidiary of Techint International Corporation of Argentina during the Petroleum Pipelines and Deport Projects for Enugu, Enugu State, Makurdi, Benue State and Yola, Adamawa State.

We have also had a working relationship with EMSAKA group from Brazil in the extension of Water Pipelines involving over 200 km of Water Pipeline in the Abakaliki area of the present Ebonyi State. We worked together with Pari Nigeria Ltd during the National Water Rehabilitation Project in Anambra and Cross River States.

We were in relationship with Vita Nigeria Ltd, during the Factory Extension Project for WAMCO PLC Ogba, Lagos State, our Principal Consultant carried out extensive investigations for Trojan Estates for the Infrastructural Development at the Royal Gardens Estates, Ajah Lagos State to mention but a few.

With good networking operations and modern facilities for design, supervision of construction, communication and testing coupled with long experience, CROSSLAND NIG LTD is strongly facing the global challenges as it relates to Nigeria.